Reignite The Party Animal At 1890 Smoke House

In between the tours to get immersed in the majestic natural beauties of Canmore, there is always a need to find a retreat in the form of some entertainment once you reach back to the hotel. As one of the best hotels in canmore, the Canmore Hotel Hostel has 1890 Smoke House to help you replenish your booze needs. That’s right, the iconic bar which was previously known as The Ho has just got a new name. With new name, however, what are staying as constant are the rocking ambience and the most adventurous crowd in attendance to pep up the scene!best hotels in canmore

The Canmore hotel hostel is not just a trusted name for the best hostel accommodation. It is also where you get the most electrifying party scene replete with the finest drinks and some of the most talented musicians performing live. There is no point in roaming around the whole town to look out for the nightclubs in canmore when you have the 1890 Smoke House at the helm for giving you a darn good time! At the 1890 Smoke House, you are literally spoilt for choice to get your hands of quality lager, smoking hot starters and even some delicious main course delectable foods. And just in case, you are the one preferring some space in the corner whilst keeping yourself entertained, the pool table is what beckons for you at our lively nightclub.

In the past, The Ho had been a stellar hit among the vacationers who were not necessarily staying at the canmore hotel hostel. Nevertheless, the super decked bar and the nightclub did make an impression in their minds. With the iconic bar now known as the 1890 Smoke House, expect the scenario to get bigger, livelier and more enthralling to give you the best bang for the buck and time. So if you are around or are looking for the best hotel in canmore over the internet, it is time you check in at the Canmore hotel hostel now! Better still, come in to grab a pint at the 1890 Smoke House which is sure to reignite your excitement.

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